Martindale Abrasion cum Pilling Tester

Martindale Abrasion cum Pilling Tester

Martindale Abrasion cum Pilling Tester


Martindale Abrasion cum Pilling Tester is used to check the abrasion as well as pilling resistance of the fabric. B-Tex Engineering provides you with high quality Martindale Abrasion cum Pilling Tester which is calibrated and available at affordable price.

It consists of four testing plates on which the abrading fabrics is attached, these four testing table are mounted on the base plate of the instrument. There is revolving plate, which revolves with the help of three cranks, pegs & motor.

There are four sleeves attached on the revolving plate. The sample holders for abrasion & pilling testing are provided with the instrument. There is a set of weights for proper pressure on the test specimens. Templates for cutting the samples & abrading cloth and their mallet are also supplied as standard accessory.

Features of Martindale Abrasion cum Pilling Tester:

  • Effective speed ratio of outer pegs to inner pegs
  • 4 specimen can be tested simultaneously.
  • Maximum load (corresponding to pressure of 12KN/m2): 790g
  • Comprise of stainless steel balls.
  • Acrylic Top Plate for safety.

Specifications of Martindale Abrasion cum Pilling Tester:

SCOPE Flat Woven, Knitted and
Certain non-woven fabrics
Flat Woven, Knitted and
Certain non-woven fabrics
No. Of specimens 1-4 1-4
Exposed area of test specimen 6.45 cm2 6.45 cm2
Working pressure on test specimen 9 kPa (apparel)
12 kPa (upholstery)
3 kPa (ASTM D 4970)
9 kPa (BS 5690)
12 kPa (BS 5690)
Rotational speed of outer pegs 47±2.5 r/min. 47±2.5 r/min
Drive (speed) ratio of
Outer pegs: inner pegs
32.30 32.30
Total Stoke of outer & inner pegs 60.5±0.5 mm 24.0 ±0.5 mm
Circumferential parallelism of sample holder to abrading tables ±0.05 mm ±0.05 mm

How Martindale Abrasion cum Pilling Tester works?

The Abrasion of the fabric can be tested through two methods.

  1. Number of rubs to end point:
    • 4 specimens of each sample can be tested in each of the specimen holder of the machine.
    • Inspect the specimens without removing them from the holders at regular intervals and note the number of rubs when at least two threads are broken.
    • This should be assessed independently for each specimen and the specimens removed when they reach end point.
  2. Average weight loss
    • Abrade two specimens to end points as in above case and then abrade further pairs of specimens.
    • Weight all the specimens before and after abrasion and plot a graph of weight loss against the number of rubs.
    • Draw a line through the points and determine the rate of weight loss in mg per 1000 rubs if reasonably linear.

The degree of pill formation can be visually assessed by the set of photographic rating standards available for comparing the tested specimen.

The Martindale Abrasion cum Pilling Tester confirms with the international standards and comes under warranty. All this help provide customer satisfaction that promotes long term customer relationship which is our ultimate objective at B-Tex Engineering. 

Minimum 10 years part availability assurance from the date of Invoice.

Dispatch Time : Appx. 10 Days.

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