Sublimation Fastness Tester

Sublimation Fastness Tester

Sublimation Fastness Tester

Sublimation Fastness Tester is a suitable instrument for dyestuff manufacturers as well as textile processors for checking effects of dry heat on dyestuff. B-Tex Engineering offers Sublimation Fastness Tester of the best quality and at the best price which gives accurate results.

Sublimation fastness and staining effect properties of individual dyes can be tested at various temperatures. In a single test, entire range of effective temperature can be tested. The heating pads are made up of hard chromed electrolyte copper for even and quick distribution of heat.

Features of Sublimation Fastness Tester:

  • Testing the effect of direct heat on the dyestuff.
  • up to 250°C temperature range.
  • 3 pairs, 6 heat pads.
  • 10 to 60 seconds contact timer.
  • Individual 3 temperature controllers with sensors.
  • Can test entire range of temperature in a single test.
  • Individual 6 temperature controllers with sensors.

 Specifications of Sublimation Fastness Tester:

Power requirements : 220 V AC, 65 watt
Temperature range for test : up to 250°C
Temperature settings : variable temp setting on each pad. 
Power readout : Digital display for each pad.
Number of heating stations : 3
Total number of pads : 6 heating pads, 2 for each heating station, with individual heating
Size of each pad : 40 mm x 100 mm.
Timer range : 0-60 sec.
Machine dimensions : 38 cm.(w) x 34 cm. (d) x 28 (h)
Machine weight : 16.200 Kg.

Technical specifications & appearance of machines are subject to change without any notice.

Sublimation Fastness Tester confirms with the following international standards:
ISO 105, BS 1006, AATCC 92, 114, 117, 133, IS 975

How Sublimation Fastness Tester Works?

  • A dyed cloth piece is sandwiched between two undyed pieces and placed to cover the heat pads and the test goes on for a pre-set time period.
  • The fabric pieces should be picked up immediately. The undyed fabric pieces will be stained by the dyes.
  • This gives the sublimation fastness properties for the range of temperature 130°C to 250°C in one test.
  • A ready comparison of sublimation fastness properties at various temperatures is hence available.

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Sublimation Fastness Tester confirms with international standards and comes under warranty. All this help provide customer satisfaction that promotes long term customer relationship which is our ultimate objective at B-Tex Engineering. 

Minimum 10 years part availability assurance from the date of Invoice.


Dispatch Time : Appx. 1 Days.

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