Yarn Appearance Board Winder

Yarn Appearance Board Winder

Yarn Appearance Board Winder

Yarn Appearance Board Winder is used for wrapping the yarn in equally spaced parallel wraps over a board for visual examination. B-Tex Engineering brings to you precision engineered high quality instrument at best available price.

Yarn Appearance Board Winder is used to compare the appearance of irregularities against standard rating photographs which carry out visual determination of unevenness along the length of a yarn. Tenable yarns of different thickness to be assessed; the spacing between the wraps is suitably selected so as to clearly give a distinguishable pattern.

Features of Yarn Appearance Board Winder:

  • Manually operated.
  • Checks the evenness & appearance of yarn.
  • Precise preparation for accurate assessment of imperfection to grade the yarn against photographic comparison standards.
  • Is used for winding the yarn on the blackboard for visual examination and grading the yarn as per ASTM standards.
  • Choices of wide range of rectangular and tapered boards.

Specifications of Yarn Appearance Board Winder:

Over all Dimension of the Unit : 61 (W) cm x 35 (D) cm x 27.5 (H) cm.
Size of Tapered Board    : 28.5cm x 18 cm.
Size of Rectangular Board : 28.5cm x 18 cm
Standard Yarn Spacing : 20, 22, 26, 32, 38, and 48 WRAPS per INCH
Net Weight of the Unit : 21 kg

Technical specifications & appearance of machines are subject to change without any notice.

Yarn Appearance Board Winder confirms with the following international standards:
ASTM D 2255-96

How Yarn Appearance Board Winder Works?

   Wrapping Boards:

  • Yarn number of the yarn to be tested has to be determined. The appropriate spacing of the yarn wraps on the boards has to be found from the table.
  • A parallel/tapered board has to be fixed onto the short stubs.
  • The spacing of the yarn on the board has to be checked by making a small sample wrapping on it.
  • The moving block has to be raised. It is taken to the right side and released. The yarn guide fixed on this block has to be in alignment with the point from where the winding will start. To ensure this, a red mark is present on the guide road.
  • The bobbin containing the yarn to be tested has to be placed on the stand. The yarn has to be passed through the tensioning device and the eyes on the front bracket and moving block.
  • The tension on the yarns has to be adjusted so that it moves freely onto the board as it is rotated. Wrap the yarn over the board till a sufficiently wide band is formed.
  • Cut off the yarn and remove the board from the apparatus.


  • Evaluating the evenness rating of the yarn by comparing the board against the master photographs of the same spacing. The standard has 4 master photographs: A, B, C, and D in each spacing.
  • Comparing the specimen with the different ASTM Cotton Yarn Appearance Standards.
  • Assigning to the specimen the grade designated for the photograph for which it is equal to or better than, without being equal to the next higher grade.

Yarn Appearance Board Winder confirms with international standards and comes under warranty. All this help provide customer satisfaction that promotes long term customer relationship which is our ultimate objective at B-Tex Engineering. 

Minimum 10 years part availability assurance from the date of Invoice.

Dispatch Time : Appx. 1 Days.

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