Stroboscope (DIGI-STROB) is a Process Monitoring Equipment which is sophisticated and safer instrument to measure speed. B-Tex Engineering offers you Stroboscope which meets all required standards at affordable price.

A stroboscope is a non-contact instrument. It is a source of flashing light that can be synchronized with any fast, repetitive motion so that a rapidly moving device seems to stand still, or to move slowly.

Features of Stroboscope(DIGI-STROB):

  • Enables measuring the speed of fast-moving objects.
  • Does RPM check
  • Produces the optical effect of stopping or slowing down high-speed motion for purposes of observation.
  • Emits a high- intensity, short-duration flash of light.
  • Stroboscope features an electronic pulse generator.

Specifications of Stroboscope(DIGI-STROB):

Measurement  Range  : 150~18000FPM
Display  : 5 - 10mmLED
Flashes per minute  : 150-18000
Accuracy  : ± (0.05%n+1d)
Resolution  : 0.1 FPM(Less 1000 FPM) 1 FPM (Over 1000 FPM)
Sampling time  : 0.3second
2 ranges  : H, L (High, Low)
Flash adjust  : Coarse adjustment, fine adjustment, ×2 and ÷2 for fast check
Triggering Mode  : Interior/Exterior
Temperature  : 0~40?
Humidity  : Less than 85%RH

How Stroboscope works?

  • The stroboscope features an electronic pulse generator that controls the flash rate, a line-operated power supply, and light - emitting diode (LED) readout in flashes per minute.
  • The light can be aimed at most moving objects, including those in otherwise inaccessible areas. When measuring the rotational speed of an object, set the flash rate initially to a higher setting than the estimated speed of the object.
  • Then, slowly reduce the flash rate until the first single image appears.
  • At this point, the strobe flash rate is equal to the rotational speed of the object, and the speed can be read directly from the digital display.

The Stroboscope confirms with the international standards and comes under warranty. All this help provide customer satisfaction that promotes long term customer relationship which is our ultimate objective at B-Tex Engineering. 

Minimum 10 years part availability assurance from the date of Invoice.

Dispatch Time : Appx. 1 Days.

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