Denier Wrap Reel

Denier Wrap Reel

Denier Wrap Reel


Denier Wrap Reel, a 3 lea Automatic Wrap Reel, is used to check Denier/Count of Yarn or to prepare lea.  This Yarn Testing Instrument is used to accurately determine count and strength of the various yarns and fibers. Denier Wrap Reel manufactured at B-Tex Engineering is of finest quality and covered by warranty for manufacturing defects.

Denier Wrap Reel is a precision made, robust and reliable reading machine which is used for rapid preparation of accurate lengths of yarn, in hank form, for subsequent weighing and determination of count and strength of the yarn. It gives accurate and perfect result of final count/denier of the yarn sample/specimen.

Features of Denier Wrap Reel:

  • The equipment consists of solidly constructed swift/wheel.
  • It has traverse mechanism.
  • Wrap reel is fitted with a digital counter.
  • It is powered by a special geared motor.

Specifications of Denier Wrap Reel:

Swift Perimeter : 1 Meter (optional) or 1.5 yards
Number of leas made at a time : 3
Spread of each lea : 20 mm
Overall Dimensions of the main Unit : 450mm (L), 260mm (W), 360mm (H).
Net Weight of the main Unit : 3.000 Kg
Overall Dimensions of the cone Unit : 280mm x 260mm x 500mm
Net Weight of the cone Unit : 1.800 Kgs (approx.).

How Denier Wrap Reel Works?

  • Bobbins/Yarn Cones are placed on the Yarn Cone Stand.
  • The end of the yarn has to be passed through the Tensioning Device into the ceramic eyelids, through to the ceramic pigtail and finally onto the plate with screw heads. The free end of the yarn has to be tied on the screw head by making few rounds.
  • The mains is put on and the counter is set at desired setting (90 for Denier) with the help of thumb wheel setting.
  • After the required revolutions, Wrap Reel will stop automatically.
  • The free end of each of the Leas has to be united with the other end of the same Leas. The Bobbin side near the knot has to be cut.
  • The collapsible mechanism is lowered in the swift/wheel.
  • The made-out leas can be used for determination of count or strength of the yarn etc.

Special Offer on Denier Wrap Reel:

Price Includes - Weighing Scale of 0.01 to 500 Gms with each order of Denier Wrap Reel

Denier Wrap Reel is confirmed with the standards and comes under warranty. All this help provide customer satisfaction that promotes long term customer relationship which is our ultimate objective at B-Tex Engineering. 


Minimum 10 years part availability assurance from the date of Invoice.

Dispatch Time : Appx. 1 Days.

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