Digital Fabric Thickness Gauge

Digital Fabric Thickness Gauge

Digital Fabric Thickness Gauge

Digital Fabric Testing Instrument determines the thickness of jari, yarn, fabric, paper, and film samples etc accurately. Digital Fabric Thickness Gauge manufactured at B-Tex Engineering is reliable, of excellent quality and accurately and conveniently performs testing pertaining to thickness measurement.

In Digital Fabric Thickness Gauge, the fabric whose thickness is to be determined is kept on a flat anvil and a circular pressure foot is pressed on to it from the top under a standard fixed load.



Features of Digital Fabric Thickness Gauge:

  • Determines the thickness of yarns, fabrics, paper, etc.
  • Range of measurement: 0 - 10 mm.
  • Thickness is accurately measured in millimeter through digital gauge.
  • Standard load on the pressure foot to ensure accuracy.
  • Supplied with calibration & inspection certificates.
  • Accurately and conveniently performs thickness measurement.
  • Consists of a dial micrometer with a flat pressure foot and a flat anvil.

Specifications of Digital Fabric Thickness Gauge:

 Range of measurement : 0 - 10 mm
 Least count of dial gauge : 0.001 mm
Diameter of anvil : 60 mm
Diameter of pressure foot 2.5 mm dia for film, 10 mm dia for paper & 25 mm dia for fabric
Load on pressure foot - 100g/sq. cm : without weight for 10 mm & with weight for 25 mm
Throat depth : 22 mm
Overall Dimensions of the Instrument : 115(W) x 185(D) x 180(H) mm
Net Weight of the Instrument : 1.9 Kg. (4.18 lbs)

Optional Dia of Pressure foot and Anvil available 50 mm, 60 mm, 100 mm @ 2500/- per piece.

Technical specifications & appearance of machines are subject to change without any notice.

Digital Fabric Thickness Gauge confirms with the following international standards:
ISO 3616/5084/9073 ASTM D 1777

How Digital Fabric Thickness Gauge Works?

  • The fabric sample that is to be measured is kept on an anvil.
  • The press foot is gently lowered on to the specimen.
  • The reading is taken to get the thickness of the specimen.
  • The flat circular indenter of the micrometer exerts the specified pressure on the fabric sample.
  • The above procedure is repeated to obtain the values of thickness at least at 3 different locations.
  • The mean value of all the readings of thickness determined to the nearest 0.01m is calculated and the result is the average thickness of the sample under test. 

Digital Fabric Thickness Gauge confirms with international standards and comes under warranty. All this help provide customer satisfaction that promotes long term customer relationship which is our ultimate objective at B-Tex Engineering. 

Minimum 10 years part availability assurance from the date of Invoice.


Dispatch Time : Appx. 1 Days.

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